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3 easy tips to make those casual wedding hairstyles look splendid

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  1. Let loose

After your shower, blow dry you hair the usual way. Now go for that hairspray. Apply it lightly over damp hair. Now get hold of the ends and start creating waves of it. Little curls are always a showstopper and especially in casual wedding hairstyles, you have chance to experiment with them. Now let it goes loose and tumble down- on your forehead, cheeks and shoulders. Use the spray a bit more if you want firmer curls at the top. This is probably the easiest way to get casual wedding hairstyles done with utmost ease.

  1. Hold onto it

It should be ensured that casual wedding hairstyles are styled so that they don’t start tumbling down the face when the bride is taking vows. But pulling them back tightly and holding them at the back makes no aesthetic sense and also ruins the casual look of the bride. So try twisting and intertwining each strand into another, making them to hold onto it till it becomes an intricately designed bun. Now buns can be decorated on edges or in the center since the design helps hold onto accessories and flowers.

  1. Let the flow

If your hair is long and well maintained, there’s no need to go for overt designing and detailing. Let it flow down your nape and back effortlessly. Open air receptions are best suited for such casual wedding hairstyles. Get a few of those tropical flowers to add a beach touch to such hairdos. Again small experiments with the lower part of the hair can give a totally different look to that simple flow of yours.

Casual wedding hairstyles do appear easy to do it all by yourself. But a little homework on how to go about it will help you avoid any last minute rushes. Do keep an eye on the how people innovate with it in magazines and newspapers. It might help you with some ideas of your own.

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