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How Indian wedding hairstyles evolved and became popular

Marriage. This beautiful word is best complimented by the beauty of the bride on her special wedding day. When it comes to the overall look of the bride, her hairstyle plays a significant role. We cannot deny this fact in any situation or circumstance, when we see for instance, stunning Indian brides and the sheer amount of work and effort that goes into every single detail of their bridal style. For many years, Indian women have being coveted for their long, flowing tresses. An Indian weddings is the best possible time to view beautiful hair molded into an outstanding, extravagant style.

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Evolving Hairstyles

Decades ago, Indian brides did not have much say on their beautification for the day of their wedding. Today, they are far more conscious and in control of every aspect of their look. Decorating any Indian wedding hairstyle with flowers and other accessories is now almost non existent due to the traditional Indian headdress worn on the day. A simple bun, plait, or pony tail has also been replaced by more modern wedding hairstyles in India.

Features such as the height, weight, complexion, face shape, the dress and even the personality of the bride are considered when a woman is thinking of her wedding hairstyle. Many women have now begun experimenting with newer hairstyles in order to stand out on their special day, whether this is Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair or Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Contemporary Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Indian women are becoming increasingly aware of evolving hairstyles around the globe. Depending upon the desire of each individual woman, it is possible to choose from a variety of available hairstyles. Braids, fringes, layers, blunt cuts, ringlets, roller setting are only a few of the frequently chosen ones. The list is not a confined one; brides are free to deliberate on their choices. Experimenting with not only South Indian wedding hairstyles, but hairstyles from around the world.

The significant points of a hairstyle need to be unconventional and different when creating something unique and dynamic for your wedding. This will also depend on your individual hair type. For instance, women with long and thick hair, the Spanish uipdo or one of the more popular Bohemian hairstyles could be chosen. Women with finer hair would be better considering a loose, flowing style or even adding in a hair piece to create volume and thickness to the style.

Most Indian wedding hairstyles are further beautified with hair jewelry and traditional headdresses. While you can add decorative hair pins or tiaras, strands of pearls or a jewel comb, you should choose a style that will allow you to wear these with ease. Indian brides from every part of the country get the ultimate look on their wedding day and this is hugely down to the hairstyle of choice, so pick a good one!

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