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How to set up those wedding hairstyles curly and cute

If you are planning on going for thin, sultry ringlets or large, playful curls that bounce on your cheeks as you walk down the aisle, you may want to consider a curly updo. Curled tresses in an updo craft a wedding hairstyle that is both glamorous and dynamic. An updo is always a very classic style, however whether you have natural curls or not, you will find that wedding hairstyles for curly hair create something extra special, particularly in updo form. We have compiled a list of the most popular curly wedding hairstyles that you can peruse in order to find the one that you want to use for your big day.

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Grab those paddle combs and wide tooth brushes. You will need them in initial stages to untangle any knotted strands. There is no point in beginning any new style without first ensuring you have eliminated any tangles, as these can really hold up the job! Next on the list are rollers and of course the curling irons if you are not blessed with naturally curly hair. Hairspray or mousse are a must when it comes to wedding hairstyles. Curly hair is a look that definitely requires some hair spray to keep the look locked in all evening. Although budget does come into it a lot for many women when looking into any curly wedding hairstyles, make up and everything else you need to pay for, make sure you invest in some good rubber bands rather than the cheaper elastic bands to keep the hair in place.

The Setup:

Always remember that applying hairsprays on wet hair is a big no no. Not only will it simply not work, but also results in chemicals penetrating the hair and leaving it damaged at the roots. Spray the hair thoroughly once it has dried completely and wait for few minutes before putting the rollers in place. If you are looking to create cute hairstyles for curly hair, you may choose to use the curling irons even if your hair has a natural curl. Using curling irons can help with making different curls. For instance, if your hair has very loose curls, you can use them to make tight ringlets instead.

The process:

Once your hair is all curled and set, go to the aforementioned list of curly wedding hairstyles on our website. Gather the locks into a ponytail – either at the nape of the neck or slightly higher with the aim of creating an updo. Once you have created the updo of your choice, you can then place the focus on the natural tilts of all your curls outside the ponytail. You can allow these curls to fall loosely and frame the face.

The final touch:

Once you have finished your new style, your last job is to conceal any grips or pins you have used. This can be done by gathering all of the curls on the inside and placing them on top of the bun itself . All the remaining curls can be symmetrically pinned on both sides with camouflaging pins and then a final blast of hairspray can be applied. It shall stay put and so shall the glow on your face throughout the day!

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