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How to go about choosing the wedding bridal hairstyles

The golden rule

However fancy the wedding bridal hairstyles may look in the magazine, always do a mock run before you finalize any of them. Reason being the main attraction of the evening should be the bride and not her dress or hairdos. So remember this: don’t let the hairdo take the cake.

choosing the wedding bridal hairstyles

Ponytails and loose locks: the long hair story

While those with long hair can let them flow onto their backs, a little good old tying them back stuff works well, especially if the reception is on open roof tops. Curled or layered style also goes well with long hair. A small tip for those going for curls – if they are those stiff hair sprayed ones, keep them tied and away from your face. It will help a lot while you bent down to give a peck on those cute little cheeks of kids or even when you pose for pictures. Tying a ponytail or buns at top or even at the nape does really go well with those strapless gowns.

Buns and bundles: the short hair special

Short hair can be played with by tying it into bundles or holding them in buns. Get those layers on the side such that your facial features are accentuated without the makeup. It will give you an idea whether it suits your face. Now you can go for wedding bridal hairstyles with or without the pinned look. In case of short hair, matching pins can enhance the look, hence give a careful thought whether it goes with the gown or is too flashy.


Solid and simple accessories should be your mantra. They should be dependable enough to last the evening and sober enough not to steal the show. Barrettes and pins or tiaras and veils, you can have it all. But ensure that the hairdo chosen by you out of all those wedding bridal hairstyles is your trump card and not the accessories.

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