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Indian Wedding Bridal Hairstyles

The following is a list of perfect Indian wedding bridal hairstyles for short hair and Indian wedding bridal hairstyles for long hair. The list has been designed keeping in mind the traditional Indian bride and the fact that they most often keep their hair packed tight to the top of their head.

This allows for the wearing of the traditional Indian head-dress and accessories. Now, let’s not waste any time here – if your wedding isn’t too far away and you’re looking for the perfect hairstyle, so let’s find it! Hopefully this comprehensive list will help.

French Braid: When it comes to South Indian wedding hairstyles, this is one of the highest in demand. Boasting French braids with diamond, pearl or flowery hair pins, this style is a traditionally beautiful one. This is a very quick and easy style to achieve without the need for a stylist and has a very classy look when complete.

Up Do Hairstyle: Up do’s are quite often preferred by those women with shorter, finer hair. With shorter hair, there is not a lot that can be done when it comes to wearing the hair down and therefore, the use of wigs and hair pieces are somewhat an essential here. They can add weight and volume to a hairstyle and give every bride the look she desires. Whereas many traditional bridal hairstyles focus on the sides of the hair and framing the face, this one aims all focus at the back of the hair, leaving any chosen accessories to do the work at the front.

Half Up Do’s With Curly Drops: In a half up half down fashion, the top section of the hair is tied up and the bottom left loose and free. You can also curl the bottom section of the hair or wave it with rollers in order to create a more classic look. Many women choose to use hair pieces for this particular hairstyle to create more volume with the top section. This allows you to leave more hair free underneath to create a lavish flow of hair.

Fringe Styles: If you have a broader forehead, this style is definitely designed for your face shape. There is a side fringe with this hairstyle, which not only covers a large portion of the fringe, but also adds to the vintage look this style creates. Whilst you can do almost anything with the back and sides of your hair, an up do often works the best and whether the hair is straight, wavy or curly makes no difference at all. However, the fringe will need straightening if it isn’t straight to begin with.

Please note that all of the Indian wedding bridal hairstyles for long hair above would look very nice with accessories such as diamond clips or grips and maybe even a head dress or tiara. This will give a very elegant and classy look. These are some of the most commonly referenced hairstyles, however if you are still looking for further options for your special day, please visit our page of Indian wedding hairstyles where a range of different looks are detailed with step by step instructions so that you can achieve them yourself.



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