Indian Wedding Bridal Hairstyles

This bridal hairstyles for Indian wedding list is designed specifically keeping the requirements of Indian brides in mind. Here we have highlighted all the different types of hairstyles start from the long hairs do’s till the short length’s hair. Usually in hairstyles for Indian wedding the hairstyles are kept packed and tied on the top because the bride has to keep the head covered fully as this is Indian tradition myth. Now let’s not waste time and make a quick visit on the list of bridal hairstyle for Indian wedding:

French braid: This is one of the most demanded and preferred type of hairstyle as far as the Indian brides is concerned. Here you can enjoy the French braids added with diamond sticks, pearly pins and flower lace. Generally French braids are opted for their quick and classic appeals due to which this style stands first in the list of hairstyle for Indian wedding.

Up do Hairstyles: The updos are usually preferred by the lady carrying light hair weights, usually while tie-ing up this hairstyle usage of different types of bun wigs are done so as to add weight and volume in the hairstyles. This was about the back end of the hairstyle whereas from the front side, people prefer to tie waterfall braids from left to right or from right to left ad mostly on both the sides.

Half updos with curly drops: In this the hairs are tied from the top and from the downer part it is kept open where the curly drops makes a trendy look. The accessories used to set the half tied hairs are often wigs so that the hair portion which is kept intentionally open from the downer side gets more hair to lavish the hair flow. Girls having this hair type should opt for this hairstyle for bride Indian wedding.

Fringe styles: The face shape which reflects broader forehead should defiantly opt for this hairstyle because in this styling patter the hairs are cut in the manner through which the front hair falls on the forehead in the direction which it is set for. No matter whether you have straight or curly hair one can opt to this hairstyle and as far as the back portion is concerned then the hairs can either kept open or packed as a whole bun.

Make a note that all the Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair highlighted above should definitely be accessorized by diamond clips, hair pins and for more elegant look with heavy and shiny brooches.

Above listed were some of the most referred hairstyles. But if you still are looking for more option to opt for your special day. Then do visit our page of hairstyles Indian wedding where various hairstyles are detailed and highlighted in more accurate, detailed and suggestive manner.


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