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Step by Step Vintage Wedding hairstyles

A vintage hairstyle is a look that many women are now trying to achieve. Every bride wants to look special on her wedding day and no matter whether it is a big, fairy-tale wedding or a small gathering of family and friends, looking the part really do matter. The right hair style is an important factor in the brides look on her wedding day and can really make her style. The following look is vintage inspired and will most certainly wow your guests on the big day should you choose to use it. The following style is very sleek and elegant and will leave any bride looking beautiful on her big day.

  1. Start this style with freshly washed and blow dried hair. Don’t blow dry the hair straight, just let it fall naturally or even better still, leave it to dry naturally with the sun.

Step by Step Vintage Wedding hairstyles 1

  1. Sweep the hair back into a low ponytail and ensure the top of the hair is completely smooth with no lumps of bumps. You can add some mousse or hair spray if you like, but be careful not to use too much as this can make the hair appear greasy.

  2. Now, take your curling irons or straighteners and make large curls within the ponytail. You may need to push the bobble up and tighten it a little when you are done due to the curlers pulling the hair down but this is fine.

Step by Step Vintage Wedding hairstyles 2

  1. Now, starting from the very side of the ponytail with the curl the furthest to the left, begin pinning the curls up. If you have rather long hair, you can pin the curls halfway up and then fold them back down on top of themselves, pinning them once again at the bottom. Once finished, you should be left with a very vintage looking bridal style.

Step by Step Vintage Wedding hairstyles 3

  1. If your hair is not long enough to reach all of the way around your head, you could also split the hair into three low ponytails at the start (even sections, side, back, and side) and curl from there, following the same steps.

  2. A tiara or head dress would be a nice touch with this look as it is very plain at the front, all of the focus being at the back of the head. You could also add in some diamante pins to the curls themselves once they are pinned up.

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