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Top 3 Wedding hairstyles for Long hair

Some of the most referenced and sought after hairstyles are those worn by celebrities. These people are often well known for creating gorgeous hairstyles for weddings as can be seen in the many photos available to view online. Your wedding hairstyle can be as extravagant and spectacular as Eva Longoria’s or elegant and simplistic as Audrey Hepburn’s. There’s a perfect hairstyle out there for every bride, to suit every wedding.

Those with longer hair tend to struggle as they feel they have too much hair to create the perfect style. However, this couldn’t be more wrong! If you have long hair, you actually have a good advantage over others. We have compiled a long list of hairstyles for weddings; long hair not a problem! If you are looking for long hair wedding hairstyles or updo hairstyles for long hair, you have come to the right place.

All down wedding hairstyles for long hair

All down wedding hairstyles for long hair

If you are searching for a more casual look for your big day, you may choose to keep your hair flowing down. It can be the ideal relaxed and carefree hairstyle that in no way looks overdone. Jennifer Aniston sported this whimsical look at her wedding when she chose a straight and sleek style for her long hair. For a more glamorous look, you can use big hot rollers or a wide curling iron to create large, bouncy curls in the hair. If you want to go with this Kendra Wilkinson look, your stylist can help if you don’t want to do it yourself. For an outdoor or beach wedding, spritz a little salt water onto your hair and scrunch it (or cheat and use a diffuser with your blow dryer!) for that awesome casual, yet fashionable hairstyle. Tori spelling opted for this effect giving her hair soft, undone curls. Slip on a sparkling headband or some diamond pins for added effect.

Half down and half up wedding hairstyles for long hair

Half up and half down

If you are more comfortable with your hair down, yet want something a little more dressy, then give the half up half down look a shot. This is style that Jessica Simpson chose for her big day. For this hairstyle you simply need to curl the hair loosely and pull back the top section just as Jessica did. You can either pull back the bang area or the top layer of the hair – this is entirely up to you. The rest of the curled hair should be left loose to fall down the back. A fancy hair clip would be a good accessory to use here.

Updo wedding hairstyles for long hair

Updo wedding hairstyles for long hair

An updo is a very elegant wedding hairstyle choice. Elizabeth Hurley chose this look for her rather extravagant and grand wedding. You can either go for a low updo or an updo that adorns the top of your head. A loose bun or classic chignon is a great type of updo wedding hairstyle for long hair and will create an elegant and classy feel for you.

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