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Vintage Wedding Bridal Hairstyles

Old is gold. a saying many followers of fashion agree with. It can also be the perfect starting point when you look into Vintage Wedding Bridal Hairstyles. Although many women are still opting for the latest season’s trends and styles when it comes to their bridal hairstyle, there are still many of us looking to the past for our inspiration.

Many people have been discussing the reason why women are opting for the more retro and vintage styles for their wedding day, so we have done a little research to get to the bottom of it. The answers we received when talking to different women about this were very interesting and we have highlighted the facts for you below.

The most popular reason we discovered for the many women nowadays opting for a vintage wedding bridal hairstyle was the wow factor. These women simply wanted to stand out and look different from the rest of their guests. Every bride wants to be the center of attention on her big day and her hairstyle is of no exception. The wedding day is one of the most important of the bride’s life and therefore, she wants her look to be just perfect. This urge to look different has made way for the vintage look to come back into fashion.

Another very popular reason we came across was the celebrity craving. Many women we spoke to wanted to look just like their favorite celebrity from childhood and this obviously gives a retro look to any hairstyle chosen. Quite often copying the style of their idol’s wedding dress too, the hairstyles are one of the most commonly copied aspects of a wedding day by brides.

A very common reason for introducing a retro look into a bridal hairstyle is that of accessories. Many brides choose to use accessories that have been given to them by elderly relatives, such as veils and hair pieces that were once worn by their mother or grandmother. This in turn, gives a vintage theme to the style. Whether it is vintage wedding updos or retro ringlets, old accessories can work very well.

Vintage wedding hairstyles for long hair are the most commonly seen. This is mainly due to the fact that many of these retro styles require a lot of hair to actually put into place. However, there are still vintage styles out there well suited to those with short or medium length hair, so not to worry!

If you get the urge to go a little retro on your big day with a vintage hairstyle, take a look at our website where you will find step by step tutorials with pictures of Vintage Wedding Bridal Hairstyles that will help you to achieve the same look.


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