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Wedding Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Hair

If you are looking to find the perfect Wedding Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Hair on your special day, you have come to the right place. Those with medium length hair quite often believe there are not very many hairstyles out there that will work for them on their wedding day.

However, this is very wrong. There are a great number of wedding bridal hairstyles for medium hair that you can try, and we have compiled a list of them below. When choosing for your wedding day, there are a great number of different hairstyles, medium hair being no problem at all!

Side Waves: The latest trend of the season is none other than Side Waves. As far as bridal hairstyles for medium hair are concerned, this hairstyle will most definitely be a big hit. If you don’t want to experiment much and are planning for simple, yet classic hairstyle for your wedding day, opting for this beautiful style would be a very good choice. Being very simple to achieve, side waves only require you to keep the hair naturally wavy. Place the waves on one side of your shoulder and for best results, just accessories it with fancy hairpins and flowers.

Straight Front Fringes: Keep it simple. For the straighter hair type, this is the simplest form of hairstyle wherein the back portion of hair is tied into a bun and the front portion is left open with a fringe. In particular if you have a broad forehead and a good, straight flow of hair, this look could be the perfect one for you to try when searching for wedding bridal hairstyles. Medium hair is perfect for this style, so don’t worry about that!

Half Hair Tied With Front Fringe and Crown: Curly hair is the best to use with this particular hairstyle. To achieve this look, you will need to tie the hair at the back and keep the fringe in place at the front. In addition to this, keeping some curly strands of hair to drop down onto the face will finish off this wedding hairstyles for medium hair nicely. Also, if you like, you can add a crown onto the top of the hair so as to get the royal look.

Side Bun: The side bun can most definitely create a retro, yet beautiful and well polished wedding day hairstyle. For this look., all you need is to simply tie a traditional bun on one side, keeping the curl of the hair intentionally dropped from the same side. This will create a very stylish, yet wayward and rather rugged look.

Puff Hairstyles: For both straight and curly hair types, keeping the front portion of hair puffed into a quiff of sorts will add volume to your hairstyle. This kind of wedding day hairstyle is a very popular one for weddings and proms alike. This look will give you a clean, sophisticated and neat image which will add to any bride’s overall beauty on the big day.

Whether it is a simple back tie, a side bun with a curly fringe or wavy hair with a curly touch, we have a huge list of hairstyles for medium hair length. You can get more details and read some step by step methods by browsing our site. So, enjoy your searching and hopefully you will find the best Wedding Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Hair for your special day right here.


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