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What makes easy wedding hairstyles click so much?

Twists, turns and waves of surprises. No, this isn’t another movie review but you could easily look like someone who starred in one if you can break the code of making those easy wedding hairstyles look awesome. So let’s start with some basics to help you get it right.

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Waves on damp hair

Take those pin curls and wrap your damp hair around them. Let it dry out completely. Once done, slowly get to the unraveling part. Ensure that the shape doesn’t take much of a beating right away. Now that you have your homemade curls on, you can choose to leave them like that or go for hairspray. This is the real fun of indulging in easy wedding hairstyles. It is totally up to the individual’s taste.

Honey ‘Bun’ny

Sorry if we stole your fiances words but if you can get that bun loose, wavy and yet perfectly elegant- take it from us; you will steal his heart come that special day. You can try using the gel to create a more lasting hold. A tangled bun can be created easily by holding the hair to nape and securing it with bobby pins. Once done, slowly start working on it with your hands to give it a wavy look. And you can end up making an easy wedding hair-styled bun look elegant. Try going for bright blooms to give it a final touch. Do remember to match the color with that of your wedding gown.

That ‘low ponytail’ look

Take little sections of your hair and start ironing them with midsized iron. Now pull back these curls and hold them together with a small band at the nape. Bobby pins will help you conceal this band by wrapped strands of hairs around it. Plant a small flower above your ponytail for that cute look.

As they say with easy wedding hairstyles – it’s easier said than done. So better try out a month before the wedding rituals.

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