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10 handy tips to set up those elegant wedding hairstyles

Consult the expertforget the washOf hair extensions

Consult the expert

1. A month before your wedding, consult your hair specialist about the texture and hair type as well as the current condition of your hair. Each woman has a different need to nourish her hair and one girl’s solution might not work for other.

2. If chemical treatment is to be used, products that you choose should be in sync with the colours and other treatments applied. Hair care products which take away moisture or colour content should be avoided.

Don’t forget the wash

3. Normal lukewarm washing and cleansing techniques should be regularly followed since healthier the hair, easier it is to shape it into elegant wedding hairstyles.

4. Hairsprays don’t work that well on oily or greasy hair. So for attaining those firmer curled shapes of elegant wedding hairstyles, keep them clean and fresh.

5. Rinsing of the hair must be done properly to maintain its health and avoid the breakage of strands that tangle in each other. Teeth of combs that are chosen should be wider and the approach of detangling should be towards the roots and not from them to the ends.

6. Cool water rinsing enhances that shine of the strands and smart ways to squeeze out the water helps maintain the health of strands.

Of hair extensions and adornment

7. Let us look into hair manipulation techniques now. It’s a myth that hair extensions are always necessary to get those perfect hairdos. Skilled hair stylists can work around medium hair and give it a similarly polished look.

8. In case hair extension is a must, do go for real human hair. Synthetic hair is a big no to get those elegant wedding hairstyles.

9. Hair styles can also be enhanced by adornments that add to its beauty and fullness. Adorning with tropical flowers does a good job in filling those gaps in the hairdos. For extensive prettification, veils and tiaras can be put to good use.

10. And now the most important tip to make you look like a princess: splurge that million dollar smile of yours. It will add beauty to everything- your hairdo, dress and gait.

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