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3 Top Beach wedding hairstyles

A beach wedding is a relaxed, casual and joyous occasion. While the ceremony tends to carry with it a formal and traditional tone, the bride and groom often choose to dress to accommodate the beach surrounding, experience and of course the weather!While you may find it difficult to find the perfect beach wedding hairstyle for your special day, there are actually a great many for brides to choose from. Take a look at out list of the most popular, great beach wedding hairstyles and looks to suit the outdoor event of love and bonding.

1. Waves on the shore

Waves on the shore wedding hairstyle

Beach wedding hairstyles appropriately emphasize the natural beauty of the bride while indulging in casual fun. Leaving all of the hair down and allowing it to fall down onto your shoulders and back is the preference of most women planning their look for a beach wedding. Waves or loose curls can give your hair depth and body and you will be pleased to know that wavy wedding hairstyles for beach weddings can be tried by brides with long, medium and even short hair. You can use hot rollers or a curling iron to transform your straight locks into beautiful waves, perfect for the occasion. A great accessory can be a flower tucked neatly behind your ear. You could also use a hairpin shaped like a flower, shell or a starfish to add to the soft curls while representing the theme of the day.

2. The Beach Updo

The Beach Updo wedding hairstyle

Although long, flowing locks are a popular choice for beach weddings, this can sometimes make a bride feel very hot – particularly when the weather is at its hottest point of the day. Therefore, many brides choose to go with an updo. An updo can be the best no-fuss hairstyle you can create if you are looking for beach wedding hairstyles for long hair or beach wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. It is especially perfect if your hair is sensitive to the humidity. Another advantage to an updo is that the wind cannot play spoilsport and displace your hairdo throughout the day if a gale arrives. Overall, an updo is a very wise choice as one of the more casual and easy to manage wedding beach hairstyles. Good ideas for an updo could be a Chignon, a loose bun or a French twist (the classic twist at the back of your head). If you wanted something a little more dramatic, your updo could include elaborate twists and curls around the head.

3. Half up Causal Hair for the Beach

Half up Causal Hair for the Beach wedding hairstyle

Meeting somewhere in the middle with a half up half down hairstyle is a great way to avoid having the hair from being blown all over your face but still retaining the flowing, relaxed look that hair left down creates. It is also a very versatile style that gels in perfectly with the beach wedding atmosphere. The hair is pulled away from your face and secured behind your head. You can then opt for side swept bangs, soft waves, loose strands, and even flowers or decorative hairpins to further enhance your new look.

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