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3 wedding bridal hairstyles with a unique twist

Are you bored with those run of the mill bridal hairstyles wedding guests adore and want to get that off beat new bridal look? If you belong to the group of women who don’t mind going a bit off course and trying something new on their special day, here’s your chance to get an unconventional look while still remaining beautiful and classy.

Spanish UpdosBohemian updosThe side buns

Spanish Updos

Wedding hairstyles, bridal hairstyles, guest hairstyles… go Spanish! Everything Spanish does sound interesting and this may be down to their music or sense of style. This updo too won’t disappoint you. If you have long and thick hair then these type of styles will suit you best. Blowing your hair dry gives it more volume, when used with a roller brush, so begin with this. Then, horizontal divisions are employed for parting the hair and the upper layers are given the curling wand treatment. Back hair is left to flow down on the shoulders, giving it an authentic Spanish look.

Bohemian updos

Of the non-traditional set of wedding bridal hairstyles, bohemian ones are right up on the list. Get those Velcro curlers ot the curling irons wrapped around your long hair. Ensure that the curls are set. You can also use a hairspray to get a firmer shape and a tighter curl. Now, pull these curls and the adjacent locks away towards the crown while leaving those on the back loose. Colder environments are a better bet when opting for such bohemian bridal wedding hairstyles. It gives a distinct edge to that simple long, flowing hair and can be accessorized in any way you choose.

The side-buns

Buns are well known to give that tailored style and polished finish, making the bride look much more sophisticated and lend her that cute, couture look. However,the side buns that are common in some Asian weddings alter this concept a bit, giving you an earthy look on your special day. After the blow drying is done, the hair is combed straight down and given a puffed and voluminous look when tying the bun. This style is mainly prevalent in south Asian weddings since this particular look can help to highlight those prominent eyes and cheek bones.

Make sure that you try out these looks at least a month before the wedding in order to get the feel for the look and how well can you carry it off. Being comfortable is the key here – don’t forget that and you won’t go far wrong! Head over to our website to find more tips and tricks on how to create the perfect wedding hairstyle for you – whatever your hair length or type! We have it all from Indian wedding bridal hairstyles to including in depth tutorials with pictures included to aid you in getting your new style for the big day.

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