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4 most famous wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Planning a short visit to stylist before the big day? Before you do, let’s brush up our knowledge on wedding hairstyles for medium hair and how to achieve them yourself. However, once the decision is made, do seek advice from a friend for an honest opinion, particularly if you end up trying something totally different and rather unexpected just before the wedding day. Here are four of the most popular hairstyles for medium hair used by brides on their special day.

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1. The classic yet simple side ponytail

When looking for wedding hairstyles, medium hair length is a great starting point. This type of length will go much easier into a side ponytail, being long enough that no hair extensions are required and also because any curls can be shaped nicely to frame the face. If you are not a person that likes to be heavily accessorized, go for small and simple clips and pins. You could also leave out accessories all together and just add a veil or tiara.

2. The Beehive updo

When it comes to updo hairstyles, the beehive updo along with any curled updo are very much in vogue at the moment. A beehive updo, as the name suggests, is a bun that’s made to look like a beehive. Whilst it may not sound like a particularly attractive look, once you see it, you will understand why the style has remained so popular since the 1960’s! Accessories such as flowers and gems go well with a beehive updo as well as veils and tiaras, which also add well to this type of style. When doing a curled updo, this can be a full curl updo or made up of half curls, half natural style. In a full curled updo, the bun is tied up with the curls kept near the ear, whereas with half curled updo styles, some of the hair is left down to frame the face.

3. No ordinary Bun!

The bun hairstyle is one of the most common wedding hairstyles for medium hair, mainly because of the classy and stylish look it creates. A bun can be done with many different variations and can be worn for the whole day without slipping out (when done correctly). If you secure a bun with a lot of grips, you can rest assured, it will stand the test of time and stay firm throughout all of your evening dances. You can use accessory grips and pins to add some sparkle to the style rather than having lots of practical grips on show throughout the day.

4. Hair braiding, anyone?

When creating a bun, all of the hair is usually rather neatly tied up. However, if you wish to create something a little different, you can also braid the top of the hair too. This type of style goes well with veils or without one and a tiara can also be added to enhance the look of the classic bun style.

Don’t forget to have done a mock run before the big day day. A little bit of ease goes a long way with a wedding hairstyles for medium hair doesn’t have to be a challenge!

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