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5 best straight wedding hairstyles

Simplicity is sophistication – curly hair is undoubtedly ‘in’ in this season, but if you are not blessed with curly hair don’t for one minute think that you can’t enjoy this season by flourishing those straight lengthy locks. We will not simply tell you to create artificial curls and harm each precious strand of hair with hot curling irons, because our list of straight wedding hairstyles will give you every chance to enjoy a new style with your own beautiful, straight hair. We have put together a list of five of the best wedding hairstyles for straight hair that should help you to decide upon which one is the best choice for your special day.

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1. Open Layered Straight Hairstyle: With this type of hairstyle, you can work with layered hair, cut horizontally. This is a great way to reflect the latest styling, while still keeping the length of the hair unharmed. Vertical layers are still a good option, but bear in mind that you will lose the thickness of any hair at the ends. Therefore, horizontal layers are the best to work with here in order to create a ravishing new look.

2. Half Updo: This hairstyle is quite a common one, suitable for all occasions. For half updo straight wedding hair styles, where the upper portion of the hair is tied and the lower portion kept open. This type of hairstyle allows you to fully show the length and straightness of the hair in a sleek and sophisticated manner.

3. One Sided Straight Style: Here you should keep all the hair at one side either left or right (whichever is preferable to you) by clipping the opposite side. Therefore, if you intend to clip the hair over to the left hand side of the head, clip all of your accessories and adornments to the right hand side and vice versa. This will create a simple and classy look to the hair and would suit a sleek gown very well.

4. Pony With A Puff: Tying a ponytail high up on the head may seem like too simple a look for your special day. However, you can easily make this style into something spectacular with a few grips and pins or even mini clips, by puffing the hair into a quiff like style at the top. You could even leave a little hair down at the sides to frame the face. This is a very good choice for those people looking for straight hairstyles for wedding days.

5. Bun With Side Flicks: Tying a bun high up on the head, while leaving the hair at the side open is also one of the latest trendy hairstyles in vogue at the moment. Remember to keep the flicks thick and the larger portion of hair at the front should have volume and height. This hairstyle gives elegance and class, allowing you to feel like a princess on your special day.

If you want to show off your long, straight hair rather than create artificial curls for your wedding day, head over to our website where you will find step by step tutorials that will allow you to create a special new look all by yourself! With straight hair wedding styles, long hair wedding styles and everything in between, you are sure to find something to suit you here.

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