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Asian Wedding Hairstyles And Why They Differ From Western Hairstyles

The cultures and traditions in the east and west country are so very different that of course, when it comes to weddings, things differ greatly between the two – even the bridal hairstyles! However, the apparent difference in their wedding hairstyles has lot more to it than cultural dissimilarity. The texture and length of the hair along with the climate conditions also play a vital role in the style chosen by any bride on her big day.

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Playing with the bun in Asian wedding hairstyles

Buns are one of the most popular and elegant bridal styles of all when it comes to Asian wedding hairstyles. This is partly due to the tailored, polished look they create and also because they can be experimented with and many variations are available to create. South Korean brides tend to prefer the ‘chignon’ look at the nape of the neck, while Sri-Lankan and South Indian women like to style their wedding bun on the top of their head, as high as it will go. Elongated buns are seen mainly in Japanese weddings while younger girls are seeming to be trying out the French twists nowadays.

Brides with Braids

Girls in the southern part of India are more accustomed to braided hairstyles for their weddings. It is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for asian hair. Long, flowing, well maintained, dark hair is split in the center with neat braids on either sides. This is well known to be a very traditional look and even makes entry into so called wedding rituals. The braids are then stylishly intertwined with flowers or gems and head wear to give them a personal touch.

The classic updo

Updos are a popular choice for brides the world over, particularly for Asian wedding hairstyles for long hair. However, many women are now beginning to experiment with partial updos. This type of look will highlight the face, giving distinction to the cheekbones – a perfect wedding hairstyle. Of course, as with anything else, the trial and error method goes a long way in helping any bride to discover what’s hot and what’s not for them.

Going big on accessories

Traditional Asian wedding hairstyles are adorned and decorated very well with flowers often being used to lend a fresh look to bride’s new style. Decorated hair pins and incredibly woven garlands are specially prepared for the bride ready for the big day, giving an appearance of elegance to any wedding hairstyles, Asian or otherwise. Care is of course always taken to ensure that any bridal hairstyle enhances the look of the sari or wedding wear chosen by the bride.

Curls, waves, loosened, pinned, with or without headbands – you name it and you get it in Asian weddings. It is indeed a mirage of colors and of course hairstyles lend their charm to the occasion.

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