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Best 3 Classic Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Classic hairstyles are really in vogue at the moment, particularly for weddings. Although there are many different styles to choose from, many women do struggle a little when looking for perfect wedding hairstyles. Short hair in particular can often appear a challenge. However, vintage bridal hairstyles for short hair are coming back like never before. Though it might be difficult for you to find a perfect look for your short hair, take a cue from these hairstyles of yesteryear and try to keep it simple and stress free.

1. Magic of the Finger Waves

Magic of the Finger Waves wedding hairstyles for short hair

This look was made famous by Jean Harlow. All you need is some good styling cream or mousse and your efficient fingers! To start with, apply the styling cream to your damp, freshly washed hair. Then make a side partition. Next, take a one inch section of your hair and wrap it over your middle finger to make an accordion like shape. Use a comb to allow the section to retain the shape and remain scrunched up.

Wrap the hair from the base to the tip, and then clip any ridges to the side of the head. Repeat this procedure for your entire hair. It is a good idea (and will get you the best results) to allow the hair to air-dry. When your hair is dry completely, carefully take out the clips and tease it with a comb to neaten it up – do not brush the it. Like any true vintage beauty put on a short bird-cage veil to complete your new retro look.

2. The Bob Effect

The Bob Effect wedding hairstyles for short hair

A big style icon from the past that many love to mimic would be Jackie “O”. Her sleek bob is a good option for women looking for a sexy, vintage wedding hairstyle for short hair. It makes for a very unconventional look as a formal wedding hairstyle so offers something a little different and is a great way to look chic and polished. Superb accessories for this hairstyle include a satin white bag and short veil.

3. The Effervescent Bouffant with barrette

Effervescent Bouffant with barrette wedding hairstyles for short hair

This is a great retro hairstyle from the 60s that is sure to give your hair some great volume and lift at the back. Stellar accessories for this gorgeous look include a barrette or other form of classic hair clip which can adorn your hair on one side – the accessory should sit at the front of your bouffant bump. This is one of the many retro wedding hairstyles for short hair that is coming back into fashion today.

If you are looking for style tips or in depth tutorials with pictures to help you create a great new look on your wedding day, head over to our website. We can help you to get a gorgeous new bridal style without the need to spend large amounts of money at a salon.

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