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Best 3 picks for summer wedding hairstyles

Summer weddings have always been a popular choice for those planning their special day. With the bright sun beating down on you and your groom and smiling guests blessing you both on the day, make sure you make them blush with a real easy going style and breezy hair that carries all of the warmth of the day with it. Below are three of our top tips when it comes to summer wedding hairstyles. Head over to our website for more information and detailed how to articles and tutorials on these styles and many, many more.

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Adorn it your way:

Summer calls out for fresh ideas and getting a refreshing new look is a great way to experiment with your newest ideas. Get hold of those boring hair clips and glue diverse feathers, laces and flowers onto them. You can create any style you choose and know that you will love it when doing this, as everything you stick to your clips etc. will be something you already own! You can always experiment with your summer wedding hairstyles, but make sure that the nape of the neck can still breathe easy while covering the hair there with your choice of wedding themed flowers or gems, in particular for long hair. Summer wedding hairstyles for long hair are indeed an open ground when it comes to trying out new things.

Loosen it:

If you are opting for a curly style for your big day, with the day getting warmer, you can choose to loosen your curls and allow them to fall carelessly, kissing your shoulders and back. Wavy hairdos hold their beauty so well, without making the ‘untied’ look appear shabby and undone. Blow-dried hair can also be left to fall straight down with its natural wave., or you could go for an updo during the main ceremony and a deconstructed one for your reception during the warmer part of the day. Random curls also go well when creaating summer wedding hairstyles, but a touch of professional help can make sure you get them in all the right places.
Braids are the way to go:

Braids can be seen in varying patterns when it comes to summer wedding hairstyles. These are one of the most neat and firm bridal styles for summer weddings and can be tried out in French braided styles or fish braided ones. French braids are created with braids that continue all the way to the ear, while the fish braids are more casual with long, loose pieces being left at the front. Make sure to have a look at the latest trends in order to zero in on the look you want for your special day.

Check out our website for detailed tutorials on how to get a great new look for your wedding day.

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