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Half Up Half Down Wedding Bridal Hairstyles

Sorting out Half Up Half Down Wedding bridal Hairstyles style you want for your wedding day can be quite a task as there are just so many to choose from! However, if you look at the most popular bridal styles of the past year, you will see a vast majority are half up half down hairstyles.

If you are intending to follow suit and have the half up half down look yourself on your special day, check out this list, specifically designed for the glamorous, stylish bride to be. It may also be useful to you if you are looking at half up half down wedding bridal hairstyles for bridesmaids. Our list begins with the most popular styles in this category.

High Half Pony: This is perhaps the most traditional form of half up half down hairstyle. The top section of the hair is pulled up into a ponytail and the bottom section left loose and free. This style is very comfortable to wear and is best matched with a rugged look, oozing elegance and class.

Waterfall Braids: The waterfall braids are opted for by many brides nowadays as they offer a very beautiful look, that shows a little something special. Placing special focus on the bounce of the hair, this style is achieved by tying the braids on both sides of the head and leaves the back of the hair looking very sleek and crisp. This style certainly has the wow factor whilst still managing to keep it simple.

Loose Low Ponytail: This is a very plain and simply hairstyle and works well as one of the many half up half down prom hairstyles as well as bridal ones. The top section ponytail in this case is kept very loose, allowing the rest of the hair to fall into a natural (or roller created) wave. Working well with medium to longer length hair, this style can be blow dried slowly to achieve the best finished results. To really create a spectacular new style for your wedding day, consider adding in a tiara, headpiece or diamante hair grips and pins to give the style a little more sparkle.

Puffed Up Do: This half up half down wedding bridal hairstyle is one that involves the use of clips and hair pins to create a puffed up or quiff effect at the front of the hair. Once the front piece of hair has been put into a quiff (you can do this with glittery or sparkly clips for a better effect if you prefer) you can use a curling iron with the rest of the hair that is left down and create beautiful tight ringlets or even a loose wave to finish the style off.

Half up half down wedding bridal hairstyles are very popular at the moment and for very good reason too! Give one of the above styles a try and see if it is suited to you for your special day. Most are very quick and simple to do, yet create the beautiful and elegant style that every bride craves.


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