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How chignon wedding hairstyles got their ‘elegante’ look

Chignons are probably one of the easiest wedding hairstyles to achieve. However, one of the best things about these styles is that they never look casual or tasteless. Maybe it’s in the tradition. Chignons are closely associated with French royals and their elegance. The word chignon comes from the French phrase ‘chignon du cou’, meaning “nape of the neck”. It has a very long history and has remained popular for very many years due to the sexy, elegant look they create, especially for a bride on her big day.

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The YesterYears of Chignons

The roots of the chignon hairstyles lie in old time Athens. Athenian ladies used to tie a chignon with ivory hairpins or in some cases golden ones. However, this style was not just used by females, but Athenian males too, albeit using a sturdier pin to hold it into their coarser hair. So, chignon hairstyles for weddings can be a great way to go if you are thinking about a Greek wedding theme! Although, chignons can be a beautiful choice to make if you are simply looking for something a little more low key, particularly if you are not a huge fan of the overly “polished to perfection” look.

How To Tie One

Now, for the styling. Wedding chignon hairstyles are very easy to create believe it or not! Here are the basics:

Simply tie the hair into a pony tail, parting it in the center and straight down with a fine comb. Use a clear band to fix it in place wherever possible so that no bobble or clips can be seen. This will always give a much better effect when the style is finished. Once the ponytail has been formed, take the ends of the hair and curl them down just like a barrel curl, i.e. the twisting it onto itself approach. Now, hold this twist in place with bobby pins inserted into the underside of the style (again, so they are invisible). Flare out the ends of the hair now and spray with some hair spray. Now, take a look in the mirror – you’ve just created the perfect bridal chignon hairstyle! For more information and step by step tutorials on this style and many, many more, go to the main site now.

There is a common misconception that chignon hairstyles cannot be achieved for those people with shorter hair. However, chignons can easily be created with hair extensions and a skilled stylist can create many variations of the chignon with shorter hair too. Depending on the size of the bun and the amount of hair left over when the bun is formed, different alterations can be made to form a completely new and stylish look whilst still having the chignon as the basis for the hairstyle. Whether it is low chignon wedding hairstyles or side chignon wedding hairstyles, you can find more information on our website as previously mentioned.

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