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Why Short Wedding Hairstyles Are All The Rage In Weddings Today

Just when you thought long hair was the go to style for weddings, everything has changed once more. There are some who believe that short wedding hairstyles exude confidence, and believe they are a much more practical and modern approach when it comes to a bride’s hair on her wedding day. Yet, there is a common misconception that there are a limited number of hairstyles for short hair, but with a little touch of creativity, you really can work wonders with your hair for your special day.

When it comes to a bridal hairstyles for short hair, some people prefer to use hair extensions to cover up their short hair and create a new look with the extensions, while others don’t mind revealing their short wedding hairstyles. This is a much better option than hiding your true self.

Accessorizing shorter hairstyles is fairly easy when compared to doing this with longer hair. Shorter hair is much easier to handle and various different styles can be tried out with many different accessories, making them incredibly versatile. The other advantage of short hairstyles is that they can be changed to suit your facial structure so you get the right look for you. Also, leaving out the hair extensions will eliminate the possibility of cascading locks which may be difficult to manage, in turn saving time and money that would have been spent on expensive hair extensions.

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There are many wedding hairstyles for short hair that one can select for a special wedding day style, for example if you like the 70′s retro look, your hair could be elegantly curled into an updo, or if you prefer the 21st century modern styles, you could always use a little hairspray and freeze the hair into a particular style that you have seen in a magazine or on the internet. Also, as experts suggest, short wedding hairstyles should be selected to match the dress and facial frame and should be tried and tested some weeks prior to the wedding.

Short hair can also be decorated with flowered hair pins or any other designs so as to give it a completed look. Small strands of curls can further enhance this look and simple hair bands could make the hairstyle more prominent. Short hairstyles can also enhance ones cheeks and eyes and having a small partition in the hair and curls hanging down is also a good option here. It is always advisable to get a hair cut before the wedding day to ensure it is kept in a neat and tidy way, making it much easier to style.

Another thing to be kept in mind is the make up you choose for your big day, which should always compliment your hairstyle. It is always better to book a hair stylist and a make up artist several weeks before the wedding so that this can tried and tested. Of course, the bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and with the creative touch of the right experts, wedding hairstyles, short hair particularly can be made into something spectacular for any woman.

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