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How to get those romantic wedding hairstyles

Remember how lovely Renee Zellweger looked in Chicago? Well it’s not beyond your reach to impress your groom and attract him by getting one of those cuts. But for a wedding, we do need some restraint while bringing in the romance in your dress and hairdo. Hiring a stylist will give you that much needed help. Here are some tips you can work on before the wedding day to get those romantic wedding hairstyles.

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1. The classic finger waves:

Yes, that’s what they call it. Renee did look beautiful because even though it’s a 1930 style, it never goes outdated. Waves are created with fingertips after applying gel to wet hair and letting it dry out. In that sense, it is an art and needs a professional to work on it. Later, these can also be decorated with accessories like pins but on their own, finger waves can attract many a stares.

2. Ponytail and its grace:

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to give that casual everyday pony-tailed look a sophisticated touch and turn it into a romantic wedding hairstyle. It all depends on the parting (whether it looks personalized or not). Also ensure that the curls are not combed out. Breaking both these rules will make it appear like your routine market look. A beautiful hair clip and the positioning of ponytail also come into picture here. Try tying it to side to turn it into a wedding hairstyle that’s romantic.

3. A smart chignon:

This is where you can go for a beautiful veil or stylish tiara. A well designed bun can give you that image of a well respected and empowered girl. It also helps that this polished look can be tailored to shape it into a romantic wedding hairstyle. A crystal band or delicate flowers can add to that look and end up adding to the romance that’s already in air. Beyond these, you can always go for that eternal romantic idea of long flowing hair that you see in so many artworks.

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