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How to get those wedding hairstyles for shoulder length hair bang on first time around

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‘Chop’ me off

The initial cut is the key with many different hairstyles. The final length and the sense of how much is just enough is the secret to taking already beautiful hair and revamping the styles into impressive and inspiring wedding hairstyles for shoulder length hair. Vogue says that a blunt hairstyle should appear to be one, but never actually be one.

A slice near the top of your collar bone or thereabouts is just the spot. The choppy cut is still hot when it comes to bridal fashion and female fashion in general for that matter. You are sure to attract the attention of many when you stand out from the crowd with your new hairstyle for shoulder length hair.

Calling ‘bob’ back

So, where did the bob disappear to? Not so long ago, every stylist would tell you that the bob was one of the go to prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair along with being a huge hit with brides to be. Consider bringing back this old classic or a variation of it. For instance, create an inverted bob by piling the layers at the back and keeping your sides a little longer. This style of bob is a great choice for those who don’t have the time to blow dry and straighten their hair every day as it will work well with wavy hair too.

The dos and don’ts

If you are thinking of plaits or braids but don’t wear them very often or have never worn them, it is best to avoid them on your special day. Braids and plaits can cause many problems for you as the day wears on, becoming loose and unruly throughout your evening dances. Nobody wants to spend the majority of their wedding day in the bathroom sorting out hairstyles. Shoulder length hair works well when you allow it to fall naturally, or add a little curl or wave to it. Veils too play a role in any style you choose, so always try to visualize your dress when trying out any hairstyle for shoulder length hair. Better still; try your dress on with any new style you try out to see if the looks go together well.

If you have gone for one of the more traditional cuts with less of the elaborate detailing and layering involved with more modern day styles, use some small pins to accentuate the sharp features in your hairdo and fasten them in such a way that the highlights of the style are visible. Bunching them or coiling and pinning are good options here. Another interesting option is to color the inner layers darker and create a sharp blonde look on the outside of the hair. This will create a great visual contrast throughout the day and night when you run your fingers through your hair.

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