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How to select wedding hairstyles for medium hair

I have been to many weddings through the years, including of course my own, and believe me when I say that nothing makes the bride look more beautiful than perfectly styled hair. While everyone seems to go gaga over the wedding gown, it is the hairstyle that brings about your charm and makes a statement of your own personal style. It is the best way to put across your personality. At our website, we have created a list of the most popular bridal hairstyles and in depth tutorials (with pictures) on how to create them yourself without the need for a salon. Focusing on wedding hairstyles for medium length hair, updos that look tricky to simple wedding hairstyles for medium length hair – everything is covered in our comprehensive list.

There are a great many gorgeous wedding hairstyles for medium length hair to choose from. It is ideal to opt for a hairstyle that gels well with your wedding theme and how formal you wish the day (and your new look!) to be. For example, an intricate and sophisticated updo may make you look and feel somewhat out of place at a backyard, informal wedding whereas a loose, casual style may not feel right at a traditional church ceremony. So, always take into account the type of wedding you wish to have before deciding on the hairstyle you will create for your special day.

Classic wedding hairstyles for medium hairgorgeous wedding hairstyles for medium hairwedding hairstyles for medium hair

Another important factor to consider when selecting wedding day hairstyles for medium hair is the weather conditions. I have been to a wedding where the frizzy hair of the bride made her the butt of all the jokes and this is not a situation you want to find yourself in. So, it would be unwise to select a style such as large and loose curls in particularly hot conditions or straightening naturally curly hair when the forecast predicts rain. If you are planning to marry somewhere hot, an elegant updo is a no fuss, ideal and elegant choice in hot weather.

One of the favourite classy hairstyles for weddings is the half up half down look. Remember that medium hair is very versatile, and can be moulded into any style – particularly if you have thicker hair. For instance, Indian women tend to have thicker, more lustrous hair that can sometimes be difficult to work with, however some of the tutorials on our website focus specifically on Indian wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. There are also many variations available on a half up half down style to make it much easier to choose a hairstyle that suits you the best.

Medium hair is great for creating wedding hairstyles such as buns, soft curls, French pleats, braids and many otherclassic styles. The vintage style (also included in our tutorials) is coming back into fashion quite a lot too, with many of the classic 1940’s styles being seen recently at weddings .The chic ponytail where the bangs are pulled to make a quiff is just one of these styles.

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