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Do you have any Excellent experience about wedding hairstyles then we are providing you the platform to share your thoughts and views. As the result of this sharing you will get response and you will be helping others to make their wedding memorable. So here we GO!

MyBrideHairs.com invites Guest Authors and Writers who are willing to write for MyBrideHairs.com. If you want to get latest updates on all kinds of wedding hairstyles which we are covering here at MyBrideHairs.com. You also may want to subscribe our RSS Feed or Subscribe via Email to receive instant updates.

Why You Should Write For MyBrideHairs.com ?

MyBrideHairs.com is become a popular blog where we writes on wedding hairstyles for all hair length and various wedding updo. At the time of writing our Alexa Rank is 700K. MyBrideHairs.com has a 4000+ Monthly Traffic and 7,000 Page Views. This is a positive thing for MyBrideHairs.com and also this shows the fast growth of MyBrideHairs.com.

You will surely get lots of exposure when you write for MyBrideHairs.com. This includes Backlink + Traffic + Respect + Good Readers.

When you write for MyBrideHairs.com you are allowed to use two backlinks to your own post if it is related to the topic. You will get the first backlink before start the post content and other one in the author Box Name.

Example : –

Here Is Your Post Title !!

This is a Guest Post by MyBrideHairs.com(Guest Author Backlink Here). If you would like to write for MyBrideHairs.com then please check our Writer’s Guidelines.

You’re Content Here !!

Author Box: Name (Guest Author Backlink)

Writer’s Guidelines :

If you are interested in Guest Author or a Longer Relationship with MyBrideHairs.com. Then please you can take some time to read the posts which we have already published. So, you can get the proper idea of what MyBrideHairs.com is about.

1. Credit : MyBrideHairs.com respect individual work and if your idea is derivative of some one else work, feel free to give credit. Some goes to images which you use on your post.

2. Screenshot And Video : everyone knows that Images speaks thousands of words. Do add relevant images to make your post more attractive and visually appealing. If you are a video blogger, a video in your post would be handy for readers.

3. No Affiliate Link : Please do not add any affiliate links as it affect our readers.

4. Self Promotion : We already add a byline and your profile will be visible below your post. So, don’t add anything for self promotion or promoting and paid or paid service at MyBrideHairs.com.

5. Copyright : We respect everyone’s work. And In case, we found out that you have been copying posting from somewhere then you will instantly banned from MyBrideHairs.com.

6. Promoting Your Submission : When your Unique and Fresh article is published on MyBrideHairs.com. You can promote your post article content to various Social Networking Sites and Social Bookmarking site. This is the best way you can promote your article with other readers. And boost your blog traffic.

7. Comment : Comments are just like conversation and when your article is published on MyBrideHairs.com. Try to answer readers query related to your article via comments. This will give your more exposure and help readers as much as you can.

Note :

MyBrideHairs.com is a community for bloggers, but if any one is found violating any of the above Writer’s Guidelines, He will be banned instantly without any notice. So, please make sure we offer only quality content on MyBrideHairs.com.

If you are agree with all above the Writer’s Guidelines points then don’t wait Join MyBrideHairs.com Now

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