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How to create perfect wedding updo hairstyles

Updo hairstyles have been among the most desired look for weddings for many years now. The wedding updo hairstyles is not really a look that you would wear on a normal day, thus it can be a tricky look to create for your wedding due to your lack of practice. However, with a few hints and tips, before you know it you will have secured the hairstyle in place and then there’s nothing to worry about! Just get ready for open jaws and stares of amazement.

To begin with, think about how casual or formal your wedding is going to be. For a more casual wedding affair, you can opt for any number of wedding hairstyles, updos or otherwise. Go through various wedding hairstyle photos in magazines and on the internet for some ideas and inspiration. Updo hairstyles are also easy and cheap to do, the only things you need being bobby pins, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair clips and a hair dryer. You can spend as much or as little as you like on the clips and pins, opting for the most basic or the most extravagant.

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One of the best tips you can follow when creating updo wedding hairstyles is to leave the hair unwashed before beginning the styling process. Do not wash your hair for around 24 hours as hair after a wash can be harder to manipulate into any given style. The best practice is to wash hair through the day during the 24 hours before the big reveal. Hair is best to be left to dry naturally in the sun but can be blow dried if absolutely necessary – just make sure to use heat defense spray! Split your hair into two or four sections (based on its length and thickness) and use hair clips to manage and fasten sections you aren’t working on at any given moment – this will help to keep them out of your way.

You can pin up the smaller parts of every hair section with bobby pins. Ensure that you use a good amount of bobby pins, as this is important to secure any bridal updo hairstyles in place. Once you have finished the hairstyle of your choice, make sure that you use plenty of hair spray. It’s a good idea to apply the spray some time before the actual ceremony and then spritz a quick top up on there just before.

When considering the many different updo hairstyles for weddings, remember to practice various ones some weeks before hand to check the suitability of the style with your overall look. Never attempt any new look on the wedding day itself as most hairstyles will require a few attempts before you succeed at them. The last piece of advice here is to wear a button down shirt when doing your hair so that it can be undone easily when the time comes to slip on your gorgeous wedding gown.

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