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Top 4 Straight Wedding Hairstyles of the year

Many women do not like to curl their hair for their wedding day. As popular as curls may seem, a lot of women find them to be too high maintenance and state that they take far too long to create. So, if you don’t have naturally curly hair and don’t want to sit with the curling wand for two hours, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the top four sleek and straight wedding hairstyles that brides are loving this year.

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1. The Elegant Half Up

In midst of all the perplexity and indecision on whether or not to go for an updo or leave the hair flowing down your back, a half up half down hairstyle can be perfect. It is styled so as to make it look like a partial updo, but the locks of hair are left to fall behind, adding to the magic of the style. If you still want to create the playful look that is generated by curls, you can tie the top section of the hair up in a much looser way, allowing some of it to fall down and frame the face.

2. Ponytails

These can be the good old classic ponytails or the side on variants. Pulling the hair straight back and tying it is of course the basic rule, but giving a bit of height to the front or some wisps or ringlets at the front lends it a rather cute and playful look. Straight wedding hairstyles generally avoid routine styling of ponytails and add a bit of zing to it with side on adornments. You can use hair brooches, clips and pins that have diamonds or pearls attached to them – whichever suits the theme and colour scheme of your big day.

3. Wearing It Down

If you choose to go for that all out romantic look, going for this lazy and ruffled look is your best bet. If you can use straightening irons or treat the hair chemically this will fight the humidity and keep any frizz away. Wedding hairstyles for straight hair do not need to be simple and boring. If you plan on having straight wedding hair, styles like these usually go well with flowered accessories clipped in behind the ear.

4. Bouffant style

Teasing the hair with your fingers, running them through the undersides and pulling them out smooth makes this sleek style to die for. Easy to comb with a paddled brush, it can also be easily turned into a bun or twisted into a ponytail. You could also add a pretty hair band for your wedding that goes well with the gown. Straight hair wedding styles are not too hard to do yourself if you do a little research and know exactly what you want to create.

For more information on the styles listed above, and many more, go to our website for full details and in depth tutorials that will allow you to get the hairstyle of your dreams without the need for a salon. Whether you are looking for straight hairstyles for wedding guests or the bride herself, you are in the right place.

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