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Top 5 cute wedding hairstyles tips

Loops, Buns, bangs and curls – that’s all you need to play with and bring the cute little feel of romance in your hairdo.

1. Loopy buns

A low pony on either of the side can be twisted to make of a bun out of it. Also ensure that the ends don’t settle and are splayed out. Now start the magic with your fingers. Take each end and make loops. Overlap them over each other. And here we go…a sexy loopy bun is what you get!!

2. Curly buns

Away from that symmetrical perfection, these curly buns with teased roots give that cute wedding hairstyle a naughty edge. When it’s swept over one eye, all we can do is to pray that the groom doesn’t fall head over heels right there.

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3. Beach wedding hairdos

Wind and sea spray is indeed a tempting ambience to have your wedding. And equally tempting for the groom is to feel the cool breeze in bride’s hair. Loosely held hair, pouring down, sleepy curls flowing around – just the right mix to go with that flower on your ear. Hold it all with a flower shaped clip that matches your wedding gown.
You can also choose to create cute wedding hairstyles by sweeping up those buns and bangs with bobby pins.

4. Chin music

Another way to come up with real cute wedding hairstyles is trying out the curled iron rings. These rings can be given cascading look and cut to chin. Chin length hairdos are usually parted on side to lend it a classy old look of 60’s.

5. Side sweeps

Whether you sport long hair or have chosen to trim it a bit, this look goes well in both cases. Hair is swept on either of the shoulder and it’s held firmly by placing a clip just above the ear. Loose but wave like bands are also good to go with such retro styles. So get ready for those much in vogue cute wedding hairstyles!
In the end, it’s how you carry it that makes the difference.

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