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Top 6 celebrity wedding hairstyles of recent times

If you are in awe of the big screen beauties and always wondered how they ended up being so gorgeous, be sure it’s smart work from their makeup man and hair stylist. From Rihanna to Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba to Penelope Cruz each one has employed a professional to cater to their needs, whims and choices. So we chose some of the famous ones in recent years for you. Here’s a sneak peek at the thought process that went behind those celebrity wedding hairstyles.

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The braided look:

Ramos French braided Alba’s hair, preferring to intertwine the braids at the back of the head. Bottom part of the hair went into making the smaller plaits.

Kate Hudson also had her hair braided at the neck and then tied loosely with elastic. This celebrity wedding hairstyle can be employed only after blow drying the hair.

Of accessories:

Lilly’s hair was curled after blow drying, giving it a romantic look, by L.A celebrity wedding hairstyle experts. Wedding hairstyle of celebrities also brings forth creativity of the team that works on it and hence the thought that goes behind is as much important to a keen observer as the final output.

Rihanna’s side swept bangs also brought into view the importance of pillbox hats which go really well with short haircuts.

The dress and Hairdo mix and match:

Molly Sims look of curled hairs with ponytail, if matched with strapless gown, can go a long way in attracting eyeballs. Wedding hairstyle of celebrities hence also depend on their choice of gowns and dresses. So while getting one for yourself, do consider the dress rather than merely aping the style you loved on the glam lady. Also study how stylists work to make the actors look photogenic.

Danilo made a finely dressed up ponytail for Hathaway, positioning it such that a clean silhouette was possible. It’s always nice to get yourself that look which you saw in wedding hairstyle magazines of celebrities, but a little homework always helps in choosing the right one.

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