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Top 7 tips for wedding hairstyles round faces

Those people with rounder faces quite often struggle with finding the right wedding hairstyles round faces to compliment their features.  However, there are a great many styles out there that will suit you perfectly! Giving height to the crown in a quiff style always works well, along with curls falling down around the face. This makes the face look narrower and therefore it is much easier than first thought to find beautiful wedding hairstyles. Round face folks worry no more! We have compiled a list of the best wedding hairstyles for round faces so you no longer need to be worried about what to do with your hair on your special day.

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1. Short and Sweet:

You don’t want to create width in the hair all over with wedding hairstyles for round face shapes. Generating height is the key, so aim for fullness at the crown with some sort of quiff style. This can easily be achieved with clips and hair grips and you can add to the style with accessories such as diamantes or a tiara.

2. Above ‘Average’:

Oval shaped hairstyles are very well suited to those with medium length hair. Try to go with styles that highlight the forehead rather than the cheeks. Parting the hair in the center is a much better choice as the symmetry adds to the shape and works well with this length hair.

3. Lengthy Locks:

When looking for a wedding hairstyle for round faces, having long hair will always be to your advantage. Allowing you to cover the width at the cheeks offers the chance for a more slender and sexy style.

4. What Not To Go For:

When you have a slightly rounder face, there are certain hairstyles that you would be best to avoid all together. For instance, chin level styles such as bobs are a definite no-no along with side partings and poker straight cuts.

5. Short and Sour:

If you have a rounder face shape, try your best to avoid styles containing bangs or flared ends at the sides. These can make the face look much smaller and shorter, thereby adding to the width. With shorter hair, great care must be taken not to go too blunt with the chosen style and in turn, expose the sides.

6. Below Average:

You need to try to avoid strands of hair kicking out all over the hair if you have hair at a medium length. This is again a classic case of adding width where it shouldn’t be. Stay away from this by simply pulling down a couple of strands at the front to frame the face and curl them for good measure.

7. Lengthy and Fussy:

Whilst there are some lovely hairstyles that can add volume to the top of the hair, they can also end up adding volume onto the sides, which is what you need to avoid. With tresses coming in, the face can appear round and bulging. In short, these are a bad choice for a round faces and therefore, you need to check all the details of a style before proceeding with it.

Head over to our main site and see some detailed, step by step tutorials on wedding hairstyles for round faces that could be perfect for your wedding day.

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