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Why vintage wedding hairstyles still don’t fail to charm

Many have wondered what is it about the past that continues to pull us back into vintage fashoin. Time and time again, brides are donning the retro wedding gowns and hairstyles that simply refuse to go out of fashion. Maybe it’s the simplicity. Maybe it’s just our way of clinging onto those times gone by, or may be going retro is just ‘in’ these days. Whatever your reason is for adding a little vintage style to your special day and looking for wedding vintage hairstyles, you have landed in the right place.

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Twisting it ‘that’ way

Vintage wedding hairstyles really do take the cake when twisted in a loose and undone way. These are not the neat, polished style curls and twists that we see so often in weddings these days. They go away from the cheeks and fall back down the neck. Those soft, silky curls and wavy shapes help to create a distinct look and feel which recent looks may not be highlighting quite as well. The 1920’s looks were a clear offset to the boyish looks that the short hairstyles had brought with them. Graceful locks falling back became the norm after a short time, making women once again feel like women.

Accessories in vintage wedding hairstyles

Just as they do today, accessories played a major role in accentuating those beautiful and femenine features on a woman’s wedding day in times past. Pearl combs, hair pins tucked above those curly buns or chignons brought forth with diamond hair pins; the sleek looks that became a norm in 1940’s are still widely used today. The laces or frills on the wedding gowns went well with such accessories in vintage wedding hairstyles for long hair and short hair alike, but particularly for those women with longer length hair. Long hair with a careless flow and neat run on the back matched those long sleeved dresses of the late 1940’s very well.
The veiled charms

Different varieties of veils became in vogue by the time the late 1950’s rolled around. Veils were worn mainly over the curls, but such veils would also hide the hairstyle of the bride which is one of the main reasons why modern day veils are designed to be worn under the hair bun. French rolls were also a very popular trend in the 1950’s, with the hair pulled back and tied into a loose bun. Tiaras also went in place of or along with veils, adorning the head and putting the accent on sharp facial structures such as the eyebrows which were worked on quite a lot back then.

It’s always nice to try out new vintage hairstyles, wedding makeup etc. but ensure that trials are done within plenty of time to allow you to change your mind just in case you aren’t satisfied with the look you have initially chosen.

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