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Why wedding hairstyles for African Americans look so striking

Finding the best wedding hairstyles for African Americans can be quite a difficult task. The hair can sometimes be rather dry and coarse and therefore, difficult to work with when it comes to styling. However, we have compiled a comprehensive list full of easy to create African American wedding hairstyles so that you don’t need to struggle anymore. Here’s a small peek at how that long, black hair can be skillfully turned into imposing and chic hairstyles.

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Egyptian royalty indulged in flaunting their hair and embellishments with the braided look. The allure of braids and micro braids hasn’t died down yet and isn’t showing any sign of decreasing in popularity any time soon. Some pretty, eye catching beads can also go well with these hairstyles, so if you have anything lying around that you have yet to use, why not try it out with some funky braids? Braids are an integral part of wedding hairstyles for African American brides who choose to go the traditional way with their look. However, while the standard braid is of course traditional, there are many variations that are not if you are looking to go for something a little more wild.

Bigger waves

If you like to create bulging updos with your hair, then get hold of your stylist and tell them you want a cute “baggy and wavy” look. It involves blow drying freshly washed and conditioned hair, followed by the insertion of rollers and then weaving it in such a way that, once loosened, the waves unfurl and bump on your shoulders. Some of the most popular wedding hairstyles for African American women can actually be seen in 70’s blues concerts.

Go red and blue

If you are in the mood to experiment with your hair and create something a little spicy and wild for your special day, go all out with some highlights. Scroll through some sites online looking for shades that go with your skin tones, and of course your beautiful dress (you don’t want to clash!) A double toned look will also turn out fine, provided you got yourself a stylist with the correct skill set. You could opt for an ombre look which is very in vogue at the moment, or go crazy patriotic with some red and blue lights in the ends.

It is a good idea to begin searching for your perfect wedding hairstyle some months before the actual wedding day. This will give you time to do trial runs and ensure the look you are choosing is the best one for you. Find a good hair stylist who can suggest different styles to you and help you with trying out looks that you thought you never would! Take a look at the in depth tutorials on our website for ways in which you can style your hair perfectly yourself without the need for a stylist or salon!

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