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Why wedding hairstyles for long curly hair are in vogue

With wedding hairstyles for long curly hair on your wedding bells closing in on you and butterflies fluttering in your tummy, there are still so many decisions to be made. One of the most important decisions you will make is deciding on any potential hairstyles. Long curly hair gives you a great deal of choice here. There are many different hairstyles you can choose from to suit your own taste and the length of your hair, but if you are looking for something particularly versatile but you don’t know which way to go, let us help you figure it out.

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My sweet little curls

Updo curls have remained a popular choice of hairstyle for long curly hair for brides for many years. So what are you dreaming of… Soft and mushy ones caressing your cheeks or the big bouncy ones bumping on your shoulders? Is it the classic, formal look or the playful version you desire? Pulling up those curls on the top and piling them up onto the crown, you can pin them up for the classy look. Alternatively, you can leave them slightly loose and ruffled to sit down on your shoulders naturally.

Curls usually go well with updos and longer length hair is much easier to do this with. Wedding hairstyles for long curly hair usually go well with veils or tiaras too in order to add that dash of a ceremonial feel. A very playful style can be achieved with a veil and tiara as the curls will quite often play hide and seek with them.

Meet the doc

Don’t get scared my dear; it’s not the injection wielding doc. Go and discuss any ideas you may have with your stylist, giving them all of the information regarding the hair type, texture, type of curls and length of your hair and also the expected finished look. Your stylist will be able to tell you whether or not they would recommend a cut prior to styling and whether your hair type will generate the completed look you desire. You can even do a mock run with them if you have some time on hand before the special day.

Another must before the wedding day is the proper conditioning and care of hair. Many bridal hairstyles bank on healthy strands that go under the irons, so it is of utmost importance that dead and unhealthy hair is cut and the healthy hair is nurtured very well for a decent period of time before the event. You should also make sure to use plenty of heat treatment to protect the hair when using any heat such as straighteners or curling irons in order to ensure it is well protected and in the very best condition when the time comes.

When looking at wedding hairstyles for long curly hair, you should head over to our website where you will find all of the information, step by step methods and tutorials you need to choose the perfect style for your big day.

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