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How To Create Well Designed Winter Wedding Hairstyles

It is a well known fact that winter can often be brutally harsh on the texture and overall health of the hair. Throughout the winter time, the hair can become very brittle and dry due to the colder climates depriving hair of much moisture. To create beautiful winter wedding hairstyles in such conditions as these, proper moisturizing techniques should be used all year through. These products maintain the oil balance in the hair to an acceptable level, thus allowing you to bend and twist the hair without fear of breakage or other damage.

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Getting ready

Winter wedding hairstyles are generally much more formally structured and designed, such that the strands don’t undergo too much strain and with much less hassle for the bride. Therefore, these styles tend to be much more simple yet very elegant and classy. The hairstyle you go for should also be decided after considering the texture and length of your hair, at least a month prior to the wedding. Hair trials should also take the style of the chosen gown e.g. the neckline etc. into consideration as well as any adornments or flowers (real ones a scarce commodity in winter!) you plan to wear, before you and your stylist settle on any particular look.

Presented below are some easy tips on turning standard wedding day hairstyles into pleasing winter wedding hairstyles:

Classical chignons:

The chignon is usually coupled with a dramatic headpiece or a feathered headband. Even a cluster of feathers suits the mood and the hair can be held in place with rhinestone hair clips. A themed winter wedding would also be a good bet to go crazy with these options, adding that bit of zing and pizzazz to the party night.

Rolled up curls and whipped ponytails:

Part the hair in middle and remember this – ‘curl at he sides, whip your behind!!’. All you have to do is create your ringlets at the sides and roll them up towards the face. Add some volume behind with mousse or texture gum and leave the tail ends loose. This will create a soft touch ponytail look – a perfect foil for that harsh winter.

Tuck it like the French:

Winter wedding hairstyles can be glamorized further with the introduction of French pleats, creating a graceful crown on the top with a low ponytail to go with it at the nape of the neck. Loose and easy to pull down, this is a best bet in any winter wedding.

Check out our website for some great tutorials, teaching you, step by step, exactly how to create some of the most beautiful winter wedding hairstyles available.

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